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Sport activities and workshops Spain

The sports events and workshops were held in one day - 02.03.2022
The sport we chose was rugby, as TRS is a silent partner in the project. In addition, they have developed an inclusion program and we used some of the tools during the sports events.
Why rugby
Team sports such as rugby are particularly good for youngsters, because develop social skills including tolerance, leadership, concentration, determination, teamwork. As rugby involves working towards victory as part of team, introducing the sport to your children helps to develop their team building skills. As rugby is a team sport, children who play rugby tend to experience more social interaction with other children than other kids of their age. Rugby offers teenagers increased confidence and self-respect, as the ultimate character-building sport. It

Participants were divided into 2 age groups – under 16 and over 16.

Participants in the sports events also participated in workshops for the development of social and emotional intelligence.
Workshop - development of emotional intelligence
With the tools of non-formal education we presented the link between sport and emotional intelligence. Emotional competence, emotional self-control, control over emotional transfer and positive perspective.
Workshop - development of social intelligence
It discussed a combination of empathy, listening skills, conflict management, social intelligence competencies, teamwork skills etc.
The workshops will be divided into two modules of 45 minutes each.

At the beginning participants reflect on what happened during the sports activities. The facilitator make a connection between participants experience and learning content. We presented the content to the audience in a way that makes it easier to remember (For our workshops we used the Four Quadrant Model of Social + Emotional Intelligence).

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