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The team sports we have organized are football and rowing.

Why football
There are plenty of benefits of playing football when it comes to emotional, social and mental well-being. Whether it’s increased self-esteem, developed friendships, or improved mood, focus, and empathy, playing football can improve your life in many ways.
And that's besides the staggering array of life skills that it develops such as discipline, hard work, communication, leadership, and teamwork.
Why Rowing
Rowing is a very social sport. Many clubs or rowing facilities have a clubhouse where members can meet to train together and socialize.

Participants in the sports events also participated in workshops for the development of social and emotional intelligence.
The workshops will be divided into two modules of 45 minutes each.
At the beginning we started with reflection on sports events
Followed a short talk on social intelligence and discussion about social awareness, social skills self-awareness, self-management.

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