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Sport activities and workshops Bulgaria

Students from Gabrovo take a part at practical phase (sports activities) and a didactic phase (workshops), to develop skills for social and emotional intelligence, aimed at developing emotional self-control, controlling emotional transfer and a positive outlook, empathy, listening skills, social intelligence skills, teamwork skills, examining the causal relationship, correct assessment and self-assessment, tolerance threshold, social competence and cognitive competence.

March 29 - April 6 we organized two sports events (including team sports - football, basketball, volleyball), which were attended by 30 young people.

Participants in sporting events also participated in workshops held the next day to develop social and emotional intelligence. With the tools of non-formal education (learning by doing), young people understood the connection between sport and emotional intelligence. We discussed the combination of empathy, behaviour, listening skills, attentiveness, conflict management, social intelligence skills, teamwork skills, causation, tolerance threshold, social competence, and cognitive competence.

Through the activities we encouraged inclusion. Sport has become a universal language capable of destroying differences.
In addition, sports activities and workshops increased students' self-esteem.

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