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Skills and sport Network

Project partnership invites sports clubs and coaches to join Life skills and sport Network.

Network members can:

  • Present one or more organizations related to sports, education, skills development;
  • Promote new projects and activities to raise skills development;
  • Exchange ideas, problems, solutions;
  • Use message wall to contact and discuss topics with other registered users

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Creating conditions for the implementation of effective strategies for the development of skills through sports, mass sports activities in different age groups, development of social inclusion, opportunity for personal development through sports.


  • Maintaining coordination between sports clubs, NGOs, schools and other stakeholders;
  • Providing qualified specialists to increase the quality and efficiency of training and sports process;
  • Creating conditions for effective long-term partnerships;
  • Expanding the scope of active sports children and youth;
  • Creating conditions for development, derivation and increase of the main motivation of children and youth;
  • Saving good practices for educating cultural behavior and morals in young athletes;
  • Expanding access to quality services in sports and increasing the use of sports facilities.

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  • Sports clubs and associations;
  • Coaches and athletes;
  • Training organizations;
  • Schools;
  • Local authorities;
  • Business;
  • NGOs.

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