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Local network seminars - Spain

Due to Covild restrictions the local seminars, at Cullera, Spain, took place in 2022.
Each seminar were 2 hours. Representatives of Cullera municipality and representatives of 9 sports clubs participated in the seminars.
The representatives of the Municipality of Cullera introduced the project, the goals of the partnership and the Erasmus Plus program.
We also presented the theoretical basis for why and how social and emotional intelligence can be developed through sports.
Participants agreed that sport has psychological benefits for children and adolescents and teaches them important life skills.
Sports club representatives said this is because children benefit from the social side of being in a team and the involvement of other children and adults.
Playing sports helps children learn to control their emotions, helps children develop patience and understand that it may take a lot of practice to improve both their physical skills and what they do at school.
The coaches shared that there is a connection between playing sports and children's self-esteem. The support of the team also helps the children to feel better.

Parents play an important role in sports – parents need to make the experience positive to keep their child interested and enjoying the sport.

At the end of the seminar, the issue of safety when organizing the disputed activities was raised, which the partners should take into account when organizing the subsequent activities of the project.

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