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Local network seminars - Italy

Italian partner, Polisportiva Dilettantistica Ponza, created local networks with sports associations and local authorities.
15 Polisportiva representatives also took an active part.

"Developing social intelligence through sport"
With regards to staying in shape, young people need to realize how this might benefit them. While numerous teenagers will practice for the physical value, not all young people appreciate games or working out. They may appreciate knowing they can benefit more from exercise, particularly those which help them socially.
The social implications of school sports are critical for youth, fundamentally because of the feeling of happiness it provides. Being a member of a particular sports team offers the opportunity to develop cooperation and leadership skills, and shared experiences, including those that involve feelings of both failure and success which contribute to bonding with others and learning respect.
Additionally, studies have proved that people who participate in sports are more likely to develop a good friendship, and less likely to commit crimes due to the high supervision.

"Developing emotional intelligence through sport"
Besides the physical and social benefits of playing sports, researches have also proved there are psychological and physiological benefits too. Teenagers who are interested in games have shown less behavioural problems, high self-esteem, improved academic performance, and healthier physiological adjustment. According to research, exercising can:

Affect an individual’s brain physiology causing better information processing, retrieval and processing and also improved attention.
Lead to a better mood, enhanced creativity and memory, short-term relaxation, and improve problem-solving abilities.
Prove youth with opportunities to have good relationships with adults and become knowledgeable of wrong and right things, thus helping them build character.
Help youth learn the value of teamwork, emotional control, ability to show initiative, and these skills transfer to family life, academics and eventually the work environment.
Give young people self-esteem and more confidence, making them less likely to be involved in illegal drugs or have early pregnancies.

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