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Center of Research, Studies in Physical Education, Sport and Health-CRSPES

 During 2013 we started with the project which we continued until 2015 which was realized in 4 Albanian cities in which children 400 children were measured respectively from 100 children for each city separately, which is entitled: Impact of programs of kinesiology changes in some dimensions of the psychosomatic status of students in the cities of Tetovo, Prishtina, Presevo and Struga at the age of 14 years.
 Also during 2017 we continued in the project: The impact of physical activity and its relationship with healthy eating of children. This project has been accepted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), with decision number 3/286, the project has been implemented from March, April, May and June 2017.
 The project developed during 2019 is funded by the Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, entitled: Raising awareness and perception of public opinion about physical activity with healthy nutrition in young people. With decision no. 049-2019.
 During 2020 we conducted the monitoring of body compositions and physical tests of the football club Skopje, then the football club, Llapi, further we continued with the football club Teuta, during 2021 we continued with the football club Renova, then we continued with the futsal club Arben Bajrami and that recently we continued with the club of July 2 with whom we made a descriptive report of monitoring their physical condition.
 During this year we have implemented a project funded by the Kosovo Olympic Committee, entitled: Monitoring the physical condition of children with special needs participating in the Paralympic skiing competitions. With decision no. 25/2021.
 We are also implementing the project: Identification and selection of talented students in sports. With decision no. 1778/2021.

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