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Life skills and sport - about the projet

The project aims to raise the concept of sports to a tool for education and training of young people, making express all its educational potential.
Uninterested students, students at risk of segregation, minorities are at risk of being labelled until they drop out of school. This, in turn, leads to a difficult realization on the labour market.
Every practical part during which students will experience together (team sports events) will be followed by a workshop explaining the benefits ot developing social and emotional skills and sports.
Thanks to sports will be enhanced individual skills, encouraging the development of innate skills and acquire new and different capabilities; through sport the disabled person can get involved, learn to control their bodies, develop a sense of self-awareness and confidence in their abilities, find to have unexpected abilities and make the experience of self-efficacy, which contributes the development of self-esteem and a positive self-perception. At the same time the student who practices sports is part of a group, a team, and this, in today's society is a symbol of a totally social "lifestyle"; sports activities allows the person to channel all internal tensions in playing and acting.

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